7/5/22 Journal: Pool Time?

Ashley and Trevor, good friends of ours that live in the next neighborhood, have a Fourth of July party every year where they must spend thousands of dollars on fireworks. The show they put on rivals professional shows. When we get the invitation, it’s a no-brainer. Food? BYOB? Amazing fireworks? No traffic or parking issues? One block over? Yeah, we’ll run with that.

With the 4th being a Monday this year, they decided to have their party on the 3rd, which was totally cool, but left Evi and I wondering what to do on the actual holiday. Turned out, nothing. We never left the house.

Well, okay, we spent several hours deciding to do nothing. By noon the kids were climbing the walls, so we threw them in our little inflatable pool on the deck.* It looked like fun, so eventually Evi and I threw ourselves in as well.

*Yes, we have a pool home now, I say in a haughty, we-are-better-than-you tone.

$32 at Walmart

“This is so amazing right now,” Evi said while sipping on a margarita relaxing in an Adirondack chair with her feet in the water. She truly seemed happy. The kids were of course ecstatic; those little monkeys could live in a swimming pool.

And as usual, I was okay doing totally nothing. We did consider going to another friend’s house for his fireworks show, or going downtown for the official Cape Coral fireworks show, but I think once you’ve seen one, you don’t really need to see another for a while. New Year’s Eve sounds about right. Besides, Evi hit the margaritas a little hard. Staying home was the better idea.

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  • July 5, 2022