7/7/22 Journal: Everything’s Good Now?

crop doctor with stethoscope in hospital

I’ve never had a two months like the last two months. Hopefully no one has or will. On May 11th, on the way back from vacation, I started feeling weak and achy. It turned out just being a normal cold which I knocked out in a few days, but it was also the start of a long period of being unwell. A few days after getting over that cold, I got another, stronger one that I suspect was the flu. (It would’ve been a weak flu, but it was a nasty cold.)

Once I got over that, the post-nasal drip remained, which started constant coughing spells. I felt okay other than the cough, but it would not go away. I ignored it for about two weeks, but it kept getting worse. Finally saw the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics and some strong cough medicine. After a few days, the coughing was nearly gone.

So of course, a day later, my entire body got achy and hurt to touch. Open sores appeared on my stomach. Back to the doctor–he threatened to charge me rent–where he diagnosed me with goddamn shingles. SHINGLES! I’ve already had them! It’s absolutely awful!

By the way, during all this, I had a broken tooth that I’ve been at the dentist for three times–somehow in between all the illnesses–and it’s still not resolved, AND a still-recovering shoulder that I haven’t been able to keep up the post-surgical therapy for.

“That’s crazy,” said a good friend of mine I revealed this all to. “You know, the only thing you haven’t gotten is Covid.”


“I’m serious, man.”

“I’m just as serious! Go fuck yourself for even saying that! Now you’ve jinxed me!”

The Covid thing is worrisome. I got the vaccine and booster, but I heard that if you’re 50+ and it’s been four months since your last booster, it’s time to do it again. I’m not incredibly comfortable with another booster, but a lot of my friends seem to be getting the coronavirus right now. Nobody is dying–I guess the virus is weaker?–but after all I’ve been through, no thanks.

So I guess I’m getting the booster. And the shingles vaccine, once mine are completely gone.

I’d really kind of like to live normally again.

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  • July 7, 2022
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