7/13/22 Journal: The Book Title

unrecognizable man with book in public library

I hate coming up with titles. That’s why the blogs I’ve posted since February are all titled simply with the date and the word “Journal”. The only reason I add a descriptor after the colon is to make the essay easier to find later if I need it. And I still hate coming up with the descriptor.

So, the other day I started setting up my book for self-publishing, and on the first page it asked for my book’s title.

Ah, shit.

How the hell am I going to choose a title?

I googled for advice on it, and basically found out that there’s pretty much nothing more important to a book’s success than the title. It has to describe what kind of book it is, it has give a clue as to the subject matter, it has to be easy to remember, it has to be short enough to be easily communicated via word of mouth, and probably most important, it has to sell the fucking thing. Don’t overthink it, but don’t underthink it, one website said. GEE, THANKS! I remember reading a Dave Barry introduction where he discussed how his newest book came to be titled, and while Barry was able to give suggestions, the title wasn’t up to him. The publisher had final say. Sounds great to me! Somebody else title this shit so I can get back to writing!

I asked for suggestions from my Facebook following, and got exactly the kind of suggestions you’d get from a Facebook following. While some made for funny comments, none really met the rules stated above.

Oh, and get this: I have to format the book differently than I do a blog. For example, almost everywhere I’ve ever written, after a paragraph is completed, I hit “Enter” and get that nice spacing before the next paragraph. I think it makes it easier to read and simply looks nicer. BUT NO! THAT’S AMATUERISH! A professional publication keeps the spacing the same between all lines, no matter what. You use indentation to signify a new paragraph. I remember doing that in high school, but I could’ve sworn they got rid of the crap like twenty years ago. Nope. I grabbed a few copies of books I read recently, and they’re all formatted this way. I guess I never noticed.

Ah, well. The book is still coming along fine. Like any big project, there’s always big obstacles to overcome, and these aren’t really all that big. I just like to bitch.

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  • July 13, 2022
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