7/19/22 Journal: I Bet You Didn’t Know This

I’m going to guess that over the next few weeks you’ll see me posting a little more about my day job, where I’m a very talented mortgage banker. The reasons are twofold: One is self-serving; my business has slowed down quite a bit due to the market, and I know a lot of my followers don’t even know I’m a mortgage guy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen one of my friends and followers post about closing on their new home, and when I ask, “hey, why the hell didn’t you use me for financing?”

They respond: “What? I didn’t know you did mortgages!”

This is of course my fault. I should be plastering all over the Internet what I do to actually feed my family. I used to. Before Covid, I’d post pictures of closings I attended, I’d post mortgage advice on Facebook, heck, I have my own YouTube channel. Then a funny thing happened: a pandemic forced us all to remain socially distant. I couldn’t record videos in my office anymore as I worked from home, I couldn’t attend closings anymore because I wasn’t allowed there, and all business was done via phone calls and Zoom meetings.

And I got busier than I’d ever been in my life! Without all the Internet advertising. So I guess I got lazy. Or I assumed you all would remember how I pay my bills. Well, I’m sure all your fathers–like mine–told you what “assume” means. I’m not doing it anymore. I need to spread the word.

I miss these days.

The second reason is, I think it is absolutely batshit crazy to rent right now. For the life of me I cannot reconcile paying over $2,000 a month for rent, which seems roughly to be the average where I’m licensed in Florida. Two thousand dollars?!?! A month!?!? Twenty-four thousand dollars a year!?!? Down the drain!?!?

Okay, I apologize for all the exclamation points and question marks, but it really does bother me. It is so hard for Generation Z and Millennials to build wealth anymore, and with inflation skyrocketing, how on Earth will you save any money when your never-going-to-see-this-money-again rent is TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?

Crap. Now I have to apologize for the exclamation points, question marks, and ALL-CAPS.

Anyway, it is a personal mission of mine to get people out of the rent trap. It just so happens that it’ll feed my family as well.

If you’re considering financing real estate in Florida, feel free to grab any time on my online calendar that works for you here. Call me before you call any Realtor, as the first question they’ll ask is, “Have you been prequalified?” And I know amazing Realtors in almost every market in Florida. And also, despite all the joking around and crazy writing I do, I’m an outstanding mortgage originator that works for an amazing company.

Just in case the NMLS thinks this is an ad: MLS# 1512564

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  • July 19, 2022