7/22/22 Journal: The First Phone Call

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My favorite part of life as a mortgage banker is the initial phone call. I think it’s part of my nature to make people feel at ease, and it’s definitely part of same to make people laugh. I try to do both on that first call.

I also enjoy educating my clients. The mortgage process can be overwhelming, so I try to simplify it to their level of understanding. Honestly, this part is kind of self-serving; the teaching is so joyful to me that I think I get dopamine from it. True story: I did once get a Florida temporary teaching certificate, and seriously sought out a job as a high school teacher. Then I saw the money. It would’ve been fine in my twenties, but I was 39 at the time; way too old to start at a teacher’s Ground Zero.

There’s a lot of money to be made in residential finance, but I swear, I’m not thinking about that at all during the call. All I care about is, how can I help this person? How can I give them the happiness they’re seeking?

I know that may sound like salesy-type bullshit, but I swear it’s who I am. I’m a people pleaser. I got it from my mom. She always put everyone else’s needs ahead of hers. Mom was an angel on Earth.

In fact, I think I can prove myself here. Late this afternoon I was on the phone with a Realtor I’d never spoken to before. We seemed to hit it off, since she’s a musician in her other life, and I always have a huge admiration for artists. She happened to mention someone she knew who was in a very bad situation–an elderly renter about to be kicked out of his rental–and asked if I can call him to see if there were any way I can help. I agreed.

After he answered, I introduced myself and let him know what I could do. Within the first five minutes we both figured out that unfortunately, due to his unique situation, he would not qualify for a mortgage for a very long time, perhaps ever.

So after five minutes, I knew I wouldn’t have a mortgage loan. I wouldn’t earn a commission of any kind.

And I talked to him for another fifty minutes.

I wasn’t really consulting or even really helping him in any way. I was just–you ever just feel a vibe that someone needs to talk? They need a listening ear? That’s what it was. That’s what I felt.

And it was no sacrifice on my part. He was an excellent conversationalist. I shut down my mortgage laptop for the day and exchanged stories with him. I decided I could make more marketing calls tomorrow.

At least Mom would be proud.

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  • July 22, 2022
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