7/29/22 Journal: Boy Did I Get Yelled at Today

If I could give one piece of advice about posting blog content, it would probably be “try not to piss off your wife”. But if I did, I guess I’d be a huge hypocrite.

I posted a pretty heartfelt blog last night contemplating what it’d be like to have a third child, and our mutual decision not to. Nothing to anger Evi there. But if you know anything about modern day blogging, you know you have to upload a ‘Feature Image’ with every post if you want any traffic at all. I never know what to use for such an image, so I either dig through my iCloud for something somewhat related, re-use an image already on my blog’s server, or use a free-license image from WordPress.

I went digging around my server and found this:

Hey, close enough! I clicked the thingy to make it a feature image, gave the blog the title “Happy Little Accident” after the phrase I used a couple of times in the piece, and was just about to hit ‘Publish’ when I had a thought:

Hey, this looks a little like a pregnancy announcement. Maybe I should change something?


Honestly, I figured the image may draw some attention, but–get a load of this logic–I thought people might at least read the first sentence where I clearly say, ‘two kids are enough’. Ha! I know! Stupid, right? What a dumbshit I am!

Anyway, after about the tenth call or text of congratulations Evi received–some of them from as far as Russia–she came in my office and read me the Riot Act. She basically said in no uncertain terms that I’d be missing a testicle if I ever again posted anything that forced her to repeatedly discuss with people the occupancy status of her uterus.

I guess I can’t blame her.

But, you know, you could have read the content.

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  • July 29, 2022
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