8/1/22 Journal: Please Just Stick This Up Your Nose

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Last Tuesday, Evi woke up feeling so miserable she asked me to take Norah to her scheduled appointment with the pediatrician. “Park in the back,” my wife said. “I told them Norah hasn’t felt well, so they’re going to come out and give her a Covid test before letting her in.”

“Huh,” I responded. I’m not much for conversation in the morning.

Both Norah and Sasha spent a lot of the previous day napping, which isn’t something either of them really do anymore unless they’d just participated in some strenuous activity, like, say, taking over a small country. I didn’t see any cease-fire agreements laying around, so I guessed that they were fighting some infection.

But Covid?

“Bad news,” said the nurse who had swabbed Norah’s nose.

“Ah, shit. Do you mind testing Sasha too?”

“Sure thing,” said the nurse.

After swabbing Sasha’s nose, they pretty much told us they’ll call with her result, and to please get the hell out of their parking lot. I almost immediately booked a drive-thru Covid test for Evi and me at Walgreen’s.

Positive and positive.

So yeah, the entire Simmons clan had Covid, which really truly sucked. This was the news Evi didn’t want me to write about last week. I don’t blame her. After writing about a sinus infection, a bronchial infection, a broken tooth, shingles, and a mango sap allergic reaction, Covid just seemed like overkill. Seriously, what the hell?

The good news is the family seems to be feeling a lot better. The kids are back to terrorizing the house, and I feel good enough to work. Evi is still on the tail end, and hasn’t recovered her sense of smell or taste yet, but she’s moving around pretty normally otherwise.

I just hope this is the end of the streak. My God.

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  • August 1, 2022