8/4/22 Journal: “Change My Face”

The first thing I was confronted with this morning–before I even had coffee, for Christ’s sake–was Sasha asking me to “Face Swap”. For those unfamiliar, Face Swap Live is a phone app that will ‘swap’ the faces of two people within the camera frame, along with some other photo trickery. I downloaded it a few years ago, played around with it a little bit with Sasha, then promptly forgot it was on my phone.

Last night, Sasha came up to me and said, “I want to change our face on the phone.”

“What do you mean you ‘want to change your face’? Why do you want to change your face?”

“Mackenzie’s phone does that, so I want your phone to do that.” Mackenzie is her occasional babysitter.

“Mackenzie’s phone changes your face?”


“Your face looks the same to me.”

“I want you to change my face to a strawberry.”

“You want to change your face to a strawberry?”

Well, I guess I had no choice but to try to figure it out. I stumbled on the Face Swap Live app, and while I never figured out how to make Sasha a strawberry, we did have some fun:

It hit me that silly videos like this become a part of our history. If you were to ask me what Sasha, Norah and I did last Wednesday night, I’d have to respond that I have no freaking clue. But now that I’ve uploaded these two videos of last night, I’m sure I’ll be looking back on them years from now.

We made a memory!

Anyway, this morning, my daughter wanted to do it again.

“Sasha, go play with your sister! Daddy’s got a blog to write!”

Not only that, I have some exercising to do, a breakfast to eat, and hey, maybe work on some mortgages.

Okay, okay, I’ll sneak a little time in with the girls this morning. I always do.

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  • August 4, 2022