The Time was Right to End It

On August 5th, late evening had arrived when I realized I hadn’t yet posted a blog. It was a very busy day, and that was really the first chance I’d had to even think about writing. I had quite the streak going: I’d posted every single non-holiday weekday since early February. If I don’t get to my computer and post right now, the streak will end, I thought to myself.

My next thought: Ah, who gives a shit?

So I didn’t post. Over that weekend, I spent some time working on an essay for the book. I figured I’d probably get back to blogging the following Monday, but I totally didn’t. It’s like that first time you skip the gym; it gets easier to continue skipping it. Each day I said, “I’ll start again tomorrow”. You know how that goes.

It’s not lack of motivation. Okay, it’s not just lack of motivation. As I’ve mentioned a few times, the mortgage business has been quite slow, and since that’s how bills get paid around here, I’ve had to devote a lot of time and emotional capital to it. When the one thing your entire family depends on for sustenance starts to not produce as much of same, it’s hard to focus on much else.

Plus, Sasha started VPK last week, so there’s even more activity and responsibility in the morning, which is when I usually write.

And, well, as I’ve mentioned five kajillion times, I’m writing a damn book. So whatever time I do find to write really should be appropriated to it.

And finally, I’ve missed over a week of blogging and no one has said shit. Not one email, text, phone call, comment, or complaint. My own wife hadn’t even noticed. I had to tell her. “Oh, hey that’s right! Hey, change Norah’s diaper would you?” I’m not bitching; I know I have some supportive readers out there. I imagine most of you wait for a notification of some sort to read my stuff. Otherwise, you don’t think about it. I don’t blame you, but this is pretty good justification to switch to Substack. Why bother to have a website when I can just email you the content?

Anyway, my diary-type writing ain’t stopping. I won’t promise that it’ll be daily, but I’ll manage to post something at least a few times a week. All the good stuff is going in the book, though.

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  • August 15, 2022
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